This is the 7th monthly event of Startup Melaka in 2018. For the first time ever, we had a panel talk and had our event at a co-working space called Grind Shack Workspace.

Our panelists consist of:

  • Yee SiangLead Developer of MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre). He is also a active mentor for many startups.
  • Naven PrasadCEO of RedSquarea software house based at Grind Shack Workspace, serving prominent clients like Boost & FinSpark (by Spark Liang).

Amran (who was slated to be panelist) couldn’t join us this round for a very good reason, he had to be in Penang because his company Wahdah raised funding from the Penang government. Congratulations! 🎉

The session was moderated by JeeShen, CEO of Softinn (a Melaka based travel startup). We had about 50% technical and 50% non-technical crowd, it was challenging to moderate this session, but he nailed it! This time we also had attendees from different states and countries!

Their favourite programming language:
Naven – Python , Yee Siang – PHP , JeeShen – C#

Some tips by the speakers:

  • Clients don’t usually understand the true cost of product development. We try to understand their objective, and make them aware of alternatives (can be less costly) to achieve what they want.
  • In a Software house, everyday you have to worry about ‘tomorrow’.
  • When team members argue about which framework to use. The project lead should make the decision. Often, also the person who will stay long enough to finish the project.
  • How to identify good programmers: look at their Github, Stackoverflow, and even their hobby..  <– Our friends from Bangladesh raised their concern that there are people who are very good at coding, but do not use GitHub. This is also seconded by JeeShen who knows some software engineers who do not practice Git workflow.
  • Mentorship is important to attract programmers, especially the young ones.
  • Peer programming is very useful to help a junior programmer improve
  • To become a good programmer: Don’t see yourself as a programmer or designer, be a maker. If you need to learn something to make things work, then do it

Book Recommendations:

  • Hackers & Painters by Paul Graham
  • Learn Python the hard way by Zed Shaw
  • Lean Startup by Eric Ries
  • Design Sprint by Braden Kowitz (Google Venture)
↑ Dave from Home Crowd shared his experience on finding technical partner via Linkedin

Someone with engineering background asked about feasbility to learn programming. JeeShen (engineer-turned-programmer/entrepreneur) told that it is like asking ‘Can I learn cooking without any prior experience? Of course, Yes!’.

‘Engineering background’ should also be a plus point for one to pick up programming. There are many great programmer friends (CTO level) are all coming from Engineering background. Our friend from Syria also shared that he recently watched the movie Skyscrapers and thought that motivation is really important in learning anything new (or picking up programming).

After the panel sharing session, we encouraged the shy crowd the mingle with each other. This is my first time meeting Yee Siang, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my housemate in South Korea (Co-Founder of SmartPeep) was his housemate in Cyberjaya too.

Although there was a last minute request from Dave Chew (Founder of Home Crowd, a mortgage crowdlending platform) to pitch about his startup, we were very happy to facilitate that, as it is always our primary objective to provide learning & sharing opportunities for everyone.

Thank to JeeShen for rushing back to his office (5 minutes away) to get the projector.

Home Crowd is looking for programmers to join their team, check out their website to learn more! Don’t forget to also check out the opportunities to join startups in Melaka.

I got to learn that one of Melaka’s leading food delivery startups Delivery Squad is going to introduce something exciting very soon, stay tuned and we will share more about it!

Welcome & Tarek will be joining IP Smart Hackathon in Johor. All the best!

↑ Yee Siang checking with Afiq (Grind Shack Workspace) on some ideas to do better. He was later ‘kidnapped’ by Game Houz co-founder for some serious discussion. Hopefully, we can hear some good news from them soon.
↑ Naven having discussion with our foreign friends.
↑ Geek discussion on connecting community in Johor
↑ Grind Shack Boss: ‘Tired of working alone? Cowork together. Join us’
↑ Thanks to Grind Shack Workspace for sponsoring the space, foods and allowing us to stay until late night

Some of the new faces got to know this event from past attendees and from their lecturers. Thanks for spreading words! We would also like to thank MaGIC & EDC MMU (Entrepreneur Development Centre, Multimedia University) for sharing this event to their community. EDC MMU also supported the very first Startup Weekend Melaka back in 2016.

The speakers emphasized that everyone should validate their business idea first before going deep into product development. Startup Weekend is a good place to do just that. We are going to have a Mega Startup Weekend in Melaka this November!

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